Keeping your Stone and Tile Floors Looking Good

A brand new owner of a home with tile or stone flooring? Good for you! That means you have great taste and own a beautiful, well-designed home. Having stone or tile flooring is enough to say your home looks elegant, simple, clean, and beautiful. However, with beautiful flooring comes the responsibility of having to keep them clean, otherwise, you might end up frowning every time you look down on your floors to see how untidy and dirty it’d have become a few years after. For different types of flooring, there are different ways with which you can maintain them and keep them looking good. For stone and tile floors, the following are the things you can do.

Maintaining Stone Floors

Keeping your Stone and Tile Floors Looking Good

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking to maintain stone floors is that they scratch easy. Thus, it is important to keep abrasive materials from coming into contact with your stone floors as much as you possibly can. This means you need to keep dust and sand particles off your floors as often as possible. You can use a dry, non-textured mop to dust mop your floors frequently. You may also use a vacuum cleaner if you own one, but make sure that it is in excellent condition as to not risk scratching the surface.

As far as preventing dirt and sand particles from coming into contact with your floor is concerned, it would be wise to place mats and rugs on the entrance areas to make sure that anyone from the outside can dust off their shoes or feet before stepping onto your stone floor. Make sure you place these on non-slip areas though, and make sure you dust off your mats and rugs regularly.

Maintaining Tile Floors

There are many ways through which you can keep your tile floors clean. However, the best way to do so is to prevent dirt from ever accumulating on your tiles and the grout. You can do this by regularly sweeping and dust-mopping your floors regularly to keep dust and dirt particles from turning into grime. From time-to-time, it would be wise to mop your floors with a damp mop, using clean, warm water. You may also clean your floor with a mixture of water and detergent. No matter what you use to mop your floors however, always make sure you dry your floors using a dry mop afterwards. Also, it would be wise to clean up spills immediately, as to keep them from sticking to your floor surface.

Keeping your Stone and Tile Floors Looking Good

These are just easy-to-do, cleaning and preventive measures to keep your floor surface clean and beautiful for a long time. No matter how easy they seem however, they are important in making sure your stone or tile floor’s beauty doesn’t fade away easily.New report from  Travertine restoration San Diego says that more and more installers are not installing the stone correctly leading to more cases of lippage. This requires  more calls for   Travertine polishing. This usually can cost about 2 to 5 dollars a sq ft for cleaning sealing and restoration or lippage removal. Scratches on the stone will come out with the process.