How to Use Old Furniture to Decorate

There are people who are having troubles in disposing their old furniture once they have newer furniture to furnish their houses. However, there are still some ways to use their old furniture to create them as decorations in the house. Some examples of using old furniture as decorations in the house include the following:

How to Use Old Furniture to Decorate
  1. You can paint old furniture to make it look new. Certain furniture like old dressers can be painted with brighter colors to look attractive to the children. You also have the option to use chalkboard paints on the dressers or other furniture that will be placed in a child’s bedroom and allow them to draw or write on them using white or colored chalks.
  2. You could also disassemble old furniture and recreate them into more usable furniture. Like using old bed or mattress frames and creating them into wall hangers or oversized message boards. This can help in saving space and have more room to place reminders or have easy access to objects used daily.
  3. You could also rearrange different furniture in your house to make more room. Like stacking old furniture and repainting them making it useful and keep the house organized using old furniture in the house.
  4. You can also use different fabrics to cover flaws on old furniture. You can create slipcovers for the old chairs; make new lampshades for old lamps, or even creating bed skirts to hide flaws on the old bed.
  5. You also have an option to use old wallpaper to cover imperfections of old furniture and create a unique appearance to this furniture. This is a simple way to recreate the appearance of old furniture and make them look newer.
How to Use Old Furniture to Decorate

These are only a few examples on how to use old furniture in decorating houses. Using Old rugs can also add plenty of style to a room says part time decorator owner of  Carpet Cleaning Carlsbad Ca  . These used rugs can be got very cheaply at second hand stores or garage sales or swapmeets. Many times you can find valuable rugs that the sellers are not aware of . They got the rugs from gramma, they were gifted rugs ,or found some in the attic. These can spice up any room and bring pizzaz.

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