The Next Best Thing to a Home Decor Artist – You

It’s never easy having to design your own home. You can either have no idea how you’re going to do it, or you can have too many ideas, you don’t know which one you’d best go with. The designing phase of your home is a vital part in your home’s completion, as it is where you can truly make your home your own. Deal with your home’s design hastily or half-heartedly and you could end up living in a house you can’t wait to remodel after living in it for just a year or two.

Not everyone has the ability to choose a design they prefer or make up a design of their own, however, thus many hire professionals to do the task for them. Hiring professional interior designers can be quite an addition to your home-building expenses, but if you have the cash to spare and can be satisfied by having someone else do the job, then hiring a home dйcor artist is a step towards the right direction for you. Those who can’t hire one aren’t necessarily at a loss, though, as there are still some things they can do.

If you can’t afford to hire a professional, why not try experimenting on your own? With all the latest interior design software available in the market today, there is one that is bound to be so easy to use, even those without training and know-how can operate it without much problems. Such a computer program can help you try out the designs you have in mind on a digital model of your home, and see which one you’d like more. You can even try out elements you never really considered initially.

Another thing you can do is to simply take inspiration from the works of different home dйcor artists, and try and come up with your own designs. You can mix and match any and all ideas you find appealing, and add them to your masterpiece. As long as you come up with a final design that pleases you and looks good for your family, then you should be fine.

The Next Best Thing to a Home Dйcor Artist - You

In today’s economy, a lot of people can’t afford to hire professionals just to deal with the details of their home. It is good to know though that despite this, people can still do things to beautify their homes, even if they don’t have the talent or training for it.

How to Paint Your Own Art Picture

There are some people who are creative enough to paint their own art pictures as a decoration for their home. There are some who are not that artistic in painting or drawing a picture. However, there are no rules in painting an art picture. Those who want to create or paint their own art picture are free to use any style, form, medium, or even vision.

How to Paint Your Own Art Picture

There is no correct way in painting a picture, especially in making abstract art. Children are able to create abstract art even if they don’t study art. This is because they express their feelings in the painting they are creating. Since there are no rules in creating abstract art, they are free to put all their feelings and visions in a canvas or even paper. Like children, adults are free to do the same thing without anyone to judge their work.

The things that is needed to paint your own art picture is a canvas, paint brushes, and of course paint. You have the choice on the colors of paint that will be used in your own painting. You can start by creating a vision in your mind on what you want to paint or create. There is no right or wrong way to paint a certain person’s perception on what art is. They can use their feelings as a guide on how to paint.

How to Paint Your Own Art Picture

There are some artists who paint depending on their mood. You could also use that as a guide on how to paint. You can choose to paint when you are happy or sad. Sometimes a person’s mood can change the appearance of the art picture they create. Creating swift moves with a paint brush or even creating light or hard strokes on the canvas can create different appearances on the canvas. And if you are happy with the results of your painting, you can use it to decorate your home.

Using Tiles and Stone for Designing your Home

Making your home look the way you want it to is one way of making sure you feel at home in it. There are lots of ways through which you can put your own personal touch into your home’s overall look and feel, and you need not use all of them just to get the look that you want. You can, of course, use different types of dйcor, which you could give a singular theme for throughout the house, or you can pick different styles for the different areas of your home, allowing you to enjoy more than just one particular type of design in your home. This however can only be done on already-built-homes, and the level of unity of your desired design can be limited to what finish your home already has. To remedy that, you can always start with your design during your home’s construction, and using common construction materials such as ceramic tiles and stone can actually help you achieve the overall design you wish to give your home.

Using Ceramic Tiles for your Home’s Design

Using Tiles and Stone for Designing your Home

Ceramic tiles are among the most common materials used for finishing on floors and walls. They add a clean and elegant feel to any home, and with various types and designs available in the market today, ceramic tiles are certainly going to be useful in adding the accents that you need to get the design that you wish for your home. Mosaic tiles are an example of ceramic tiles that are great for designing your home. These tiles can be used on floors and walls in different areas of your home, such as the kitchen, the bathroom, and even on various floor areas around your home. You may also opt to use Moroccan, Greek-styled, and other decorative tiles that are available in the market.

Using Stone for Decorating your Home

You may also want to look into using stone as finishing for certain areas in your home. Stone can add a bit more natural feel to any are where it is used on, while also adding a bit of luxury and simplistic beauty to it. Different types of decorative stone is best used on the exterior areas of your home and for your floors, if you opt to have stone floors. The porch, exterior walls, and gardens can easily be beautified with the addition of stone. Cleaning Tile San Diego or cleaning stone  helps maintain the look and appearance

There are tons of ways with which you can add your own design to your home. The best way to do this however is to start your design with your home’s finishing. That way, you can have a more synchronized design and more unified feel to your beloved home. If you want to do these renovations by yourself , most of the tools you would need can be bought at home supply warehouses across the country or can be rented from  lowes tool rental /

Tips in Decorating Modern Homes

Some people want a modern inspired home. There are some tips to create a modern design when decorating your homes. Some of these tips include the following:

  1. In decorating modern styled homes, homeowners should take risks in choosing their interior colors. This means using richer colored tones, mixing different materials, and using large scaled art in decorating their homes. Mixing different vibrant rich colors like light green and royal purple with gold accents can create a warm and modern looking room. Unusual decors inside a room can become an eye catcher in a certain room in the house.
  2. Mixing different fabrics, designs, colors, and materials in the furniture in a certain room like the living room or dining can create a modern look. The mix of different designs and colors that blend in a certain room can make this furniture pop out in a plain colored wall. This can become as a conversation piece inside the room.
  3. Mixing traditional and modern furniture, fabrics, and textures can create an elegant modern look. This works great on the dining room and kitchen. This is because there is a mix of different textures like metal and wood. The natural colors of brass and wood also creates an elegant modern look in these rooms.
  4. There are some interior color trends being used in decorating modern houses. These colors include chocolate, taupe, and tobacco with shades of apple green. This creates an elegant and modern looking room especially when used in bedrooms, study areas, or living rooms. This makes the rooms look brighter especially if they are placed near large windows.
  5. Using color red which is not in their true form like rich brown to reds or deep purple when paired with earthy tones like green, brown, or gold. This creates a modern look with a relaxing feeling. Using these colors in bedrooms can create a romantic and relaxing feeling.
  6. Using plants, flowers, bamboo, and other indoor plants can create a relaxing atmosphere. These indoor plants if placed in a colored glass can become as an accent to a room. The color of the walls and furniture in the room should be a mix of blues, greens, and lavenders for a cooler and relaxing feel.
  7. Using metals or metallic accessories in decorating rooms is usually used in modern styled homes.
  8. Furniture with straight lines is also common in most modern inspired homes.
Tips in Decorating Modern Homes

How to Become an Interior Designer

There are a lot of people who pay for the services of interior designers to help them create a design for their homes. This is because most of them either have no idea on how to design their homes or they are too busy to design their own home. Interior designers are not only limited in designing homes, but they can also offer their services in designing offices and even public spaces.

How to Become an Interior Designer

In becoming an interior designer, they should be able to design a public space, office or home based on the vision of their client. They should also improve the safety, appearance, and function of the interior space of the client’s home, office, or others. These interior designers work with their clients, the different architects, engineers, and even contractors to create the vision of their clients a reality.

These interior designers need to understand and know what their client wants. They also design the plan for their client’s home or office. They estimate the cost of that will be used in creating the design their client approved. They also make sure that the design of the house or office is according to plan.

How to Become an Interior Designer

In becoming an interior designer, they should have a background or a degree on architectural and engineering concepts. They also should have a degree or background in Computer-aided design or CAD software. And they should also have a background or degree in spatial planning, furniture design, and ergonomics. These interior designers should also be aware of the current trends in the different interior home designs. They should also have different connections and they need to keep up with other designers to learn more about the current trends. They should also be competitive and enter their interior home designs in different profession competitions.

Decorating a Stress-Free Environment in Your House

There are people who want to decorate their house in a way where it is organized, pleasing to the eye, and attractive. However, there are some people that don’t want to become stressed while decorating their home. There are some homeowners who want to have their home look elegant yet relaxing. Here are some tips in decorating a stress-free environment in your house:

Decorating a Stress-Free Environment in Your House
  1. Before decorating your home, clear it from any clutter. If there are unwanted things like broken items, old newspapers, or unwanted clothes on your shelves or closets, make sure to dispose them properly before starting decorating your home. This gives you more space to work on and it makes you home look spacious for more decorations.
  2. Decorate the entrance of the home first. You can add simple decorations like a family photo, show piece, decorative plants, flowers, or anything you want to add that will not make it look cluttered and it will look inviting for your guests or your family. Placing things you want near the entrance of your house that looks relaxing to the eyes can make you feel relaxed and welcome to the home as you enter.
  3. Add lighting or lamps on certain areas where you need brightness like in corners, near the bed, on the side tables, and others. You have an option to place dimmer lights on certain areas of the house depending on your mood, like if you want to feel a relaxing vibe or a warmer feeling.
  4. Using more subtle colors on the walls of your home can create a soothing effect compared to those wall colors which are vibrant or brightly colored. You can choose to natural or warm colors on different rooms like in bedrooms or even in living rooms.
  5. Change the positions of your furniture around the house. Create enough space for you to be able to move freely without bumping into any furniture and make it look less cluttered.
  6. Using different scented candles or essential oils inside the house can create a stress-free home. Use relaxing scents like jasmine, rose, or lavender for more calming and relaxing environment.
  7. Placing indoor plants around the house near large windows can create a focal point on the house. This can also help in making the house look more relaxing with the presence of indoor plants around the house.
  8. Using calm or soothing colors as bedding, pillow covers, or even lamp shades inside the bedroom can make it feel relaxing and calm. Removing computers, televisions, and other electronic gadgets in the room can make the bedroom more relaxing.
Decorating a Stress-Free Environment in Your House

Different Uses of Area Rugs for your New Home

Own a new house and don’t know how else to decorate it? This is quite the dilemma that most new home-owners face upon moving in to their new homes. Your new home may either be newly-built or a re-sold property, but no matter which it is, you are going to want to give your new home your own personal touch. If however you haven’t decided just yet, here’s an idea you might want to consider: use area rugs.

Different Uses of Area Rugs for your New Home

Area rugs are generally huge rugs that you place on your floors to add beauty and a bit of texture to it. They also serve as a more comfortable surface to step on, especially during the cold days. They come made from various materials, though high-quality ones are mostly made of wool or silk. Such rugs are often reasonably priced, durable, and can actually look better as time goes by. These types of rugs are ideal for those who want to avoid having to switch rugs every few years or so, and want to preserve the look of their homes for a long time.

Using Area Rugs the Right Way

Different Uses of Area Rugs for your New Home

If you’re looking to use area rugs for the first time, then here’s a few things you ought to know. Area rugs go great in just about any room in the house, including the bathroom. However, it is important to know what dimensions your rugs should come in. If you want to save yourself the pain of having to measure each and every surface you wish to have area rugs on, try taking the measurement of the smallest wall in the area and deduct two feet from its length, and then use the measurement you get as your limit for the area rug you’re going to get. For the dining room, make sure your rug has at least 18 inches offset from the tables edges. When placing it close to a door, make sure to swing the door open and start measuring from the edge of the opened door, to keep the first three feet from the doorway free.

Other Use of Area Rugs

Different Uses of Area Rugs for your New Home

If you love the look of your hardwood or natural stone floors, or if you have carpeted floor, you might not have any use for area rugs on it. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have use for area rugs anymore. Instead of putting them on the floor, why not hang them on the walls? Most area rugs, especially the high-quality ones, really have intricate designs and are worth displaying. They go great on bear walls, especially white ones.

Area rugs are definitely a great addition to any new home, no matter where you decide to put them. If you’re concerned about design though, all you need to do is make sure the area rugs you choose have designs that go well with what design you have planned for each area in your home.

Keeping your Stone and Tile Floors Looking Good

A brand new owner of a home with tile or stone flooring? Good for you! That means you have great taste and own a beautiful, well-designed home. Having stone or tile flooring is enough to say your home looks elegant, simple, clean, and beautiful. However, with beautiful flooring comes the responsibility of having to keep them clean, otherwise, you might end up frowning every time you look down on your floors to see how untidy and dirty it’d have become a few years after. For different types of flooring, there are different ways with which you can maintain them and keep them looking good. For stone and tile floors, the following are the things you can do.

Maintaining Stone Floors

Keeping your Stone and Tile Floors Looking Good

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking to maintain stone floors is that they scratch easy. Thus, it is important to keep abrasive materials from coming into contact with your stone floors as much as you possibly can. This means you need to keep dust and sand particles off your floors as often as possible. You can use a dry, non-textured mop to dust mop your floors frequently. You may also use a vacuum cleaner if you own one, but make sure that it is in excellent condition as to not risk scratching the surface.

As far as preventing dirt and sand particles from coming into contact with your floor is concerned, it would be wise to place mats and rugs on the entrance areas to make sure that anyone from the outside can dust off their shoes or feet before stepping onto your stone floor. Make sure you place these on non-slip areas though, and make sure you dust off your mats and rugs regularly.

Maintaining Tile Floors

There are many ways through which you can keep your tile floors clean. However, the best way to do so is to prevent dirt from ever accumulating on your tiles and the grout. You can do this by regularly sweeping and dust-mopping your floors regularly to keep dust and dirt particles from turning into grime. From time-to-time, it would be wise to mop your floors with a damp mop, using clean, warm water. You may also clean your floor with a mixture of water and detergent. No matter what you use to mop your floors however, always make sure you dry your floors using a dry mop afterwards. Also, it would be wise to clean up spills immediately, as to keep them from sticking to your floor surface.

Keeping your Stone and Tile Floors Looking Good

These are just easy-to-do, cleaning and preventive measures to keep your floor surface clean and beautiful for a long time. No matter how easy they seem however, they are important in making sure your stone or tile floor’s beauty doesn’t fade away easily.New report from  Travertine restoration San Diego says that more and more installers are not installing the stone correctly leading to more cases of lippage. This requires  more calls for   Travertine polishing. This usually can cost about 2 to 5 dollars a sq ft for cleaning sealing and restoration or lippage removal. Scratches on the stone will come out with the process.

All about Decorative Wooden Flooring

Having your own home designed based on your personal preferences is a great thing. You get to decide how your home – the place where you and your family will be living for most of your lives – will look and feel like. Among the things you need to decide on when designing your own home is what material you would want for your flooring, and while you have a lot of options to choose from, one of the best options you can choose is decorative wood. This is because wooded floors give your home a homier feel. It adds a feeling of warmth, is nature-friendly, and adds elegance and beauty that can last a lifetime. The latter of course depends on how you maintain them, but if wooden antique homes that have now become tourist attractions are any indication of wood’s durability for flooring use, then a lifetime should pretty much be how long your wooden floors can last you.

All about Decorative Wooden Flooring

Taking good care of your wooden flooring is one way of making sure it serves its purpose for a long time. Quite a few variants of wood that can stand the test of time, but they can only do so with proper care. One of the most basic rules of taking care of wooden surfaces is to try and keep it away from water and moisture as much as possible. Water is wood’s weakness, but while this is true, you can still use a bit of water, coupled with soap, to mop your wooden floor and keep them clean. Just make sure you thoroughly dry all areas up immediately.

All about Decorative Wooden Flooring

Now that you know a thing about preserving wood floors, the next thing you should learn about is the kinds of decorative flooring you can apply to your home.One of the most beautiful decorative wood flooring you can use is hardwood medallion flooring. This is common in ancestral homes and/or the homes of people with luxury and class. Hardwood medallions are wooden floors with a singular design emphasized in the middle of a room or the house, and is then usually coupled with parquet wooden flooring, with all individual tiles carrying a common design/pattern.To add emphasis to hardwood medallions, or simply to add beauty to an otherwise bare-looking wood flooring, you can also make use of hardwood borders.

All about Decorative Wooden Flooring

These are just some of the decorative wood flooring you can use for your home. Keep in mind that the kind of wood you use for your floors also adds to the beauty of your floor, so it would be wise to get to know which types of wood go best with the designs you have in mind. An important thing to take note however is the fact that certain wood species are being overused and are considered endangered. If you know which types of wood not to use though, you can be well on your way to having beautiful, decorative wood flooring that could last a lifetime.

How to Use Old Furniture to Decorate

There are people who are having troubles in disposing their old furniture once they have newer furniture to furnish their houses. However, there are still some ways to use their old furniture to create them as decorations in the house. Some examples of using old furniture as decorations in the house include the following:

How to Use Old Furniture to Decorate
  1. You can paint old furniture to make it look new. Certain furniture like old dressers can be painted with brighter colors to look attractive to the children. You also have the option to use chalkboard paints on the dressers or other furniture that will be placed in a child’s bedroom and allow them to draw or write on them using white or colored chalks.
  2. You could also disassemble old furniture and recreate them into more usable furniture. Like using old bed or mattress frames and creating them into wall hangers or oversized message boards. This can help in saving space and have more room to place reminders or have easy access to objects used daily.
  3. You could also rearrange different furniture in your house to make more room. Like stacking old furniture and repainting them making it useful and keep the house organized using old furniture in the house.
  4. You can also use different fabrics to cover flaws on old furniture. You can create slipcovers for the old chairs; make new lampshades for old lamps, or even creating bed skirts to hide flaws on the old bed.
  5. You also have an option to use old wallpaper to cover imperfections of old furniture and create a unique appearance to this furniture. This is a simple way to recreate the appearance of old furniture and make them look newer.
How to Use Old Furniture to Decorate

These are only a few examples on how to use old furniture in decorating houses. Using Old rugs can also add plenty of style to a room says part time decorator owner of  Carpet Cleaning Carlsbad Ca  . These used rugs can be got very cheaply at second hand stores or garage sales or swapmeets. Many times you can find valuable rugs that the sellers are not aware of . They got the rugs from gramma, they were gifted rugs ,or found some in the attic. These can spice up any room and bring pizzaz.

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